Sunday, August 2, 2009


Kids - 5! - She loved not having to use a hot styling tool
Mom - 4.5

I spend a lot of time styling my daughter's hair. I've used every possible hair styling tool and while my daughter is very patient with me and on most days willing to allow me to take the time for hair styling, sometimes she expresses hesitation with using the hot curling irons. But my concern in styling her hair is that I always worry that the excessive heat that I use may lead to damaging her hair. So when I recently learned of a new way to curl hair without using any heat, I was anxious to give it a try!

Curlformers is a relatively new hair curling revolution. The Curlformers come in a variety of sizes to achieve the perfect result!

Curlformers are now available for sale in the USA and Canada. They can be purchased only at Sally's Beauty Stores. Check your local Sally's Beauty Store or you can order online.

Take a minute to watch the Curlformer application video:

Here are a few photos of my first time giving Curlformers a try:

Hair Prep- to achieve maximum results, it is suggested that the hair be wet. The smaller the section, the tighter the curls. Make sure the hair is brushed out.

Slip a Curlformer on the styling hook and starting from the nape of the neck upwards, take a section of hair about 2.5cm wide, about 10cm from the scalp and give it a twist. The wider the section of hair the wider the curl. Then lay the section into the hook, bringing the hook up from underneath. Raise the back end of the hook handle to stop the hair section falling out. Let go of the section of hair.
The Curlformers are soft and do not hurt - a great bonus in this 4 year-old's world!

After I had covered her head with the Curlformers, I waited a while for her hair to air dry. As we were approaching the bedtime hour, I used a blowdryer on cool to finish up the drying process.

She waits to see her beautiful curls!

Please note that I needed to get her into bed and I did not allow for her entire head to dry. Some curls were not as curly as others because it was still damp. But the curls that were dry were beautiful. I'm anxious to try again because I know the result will be beautiful!

Pretty curls!

You can make your hair as wavy or curly as you would like with these tools.

My daughter woke up the next morning still with curls.

Do not take my photos as the actual was my first time and her hair wasn't fully dry. Overall, I was very impressed with the ease of use and the more importantly the end result. I absolutely love, love, love knowing there is no heavy heat being used that can possibly damage her beautiful hair! And once I got the hang of how to apply the Curlformer to the hair, it was very easy. Curlformers produce a beautiful curl. If you are looking for a new way to get those beautiful salon curls - you must give Curlformers a try. To see more results visit Curlformer Gallery Photos.


  1. Very cool product but seems like a lot of work! I do like the idea though of no heat in damaging her hair.

  2. It looks cute just to have the curlers in, new hair trend! LB

  3. They're really easy to use, you just have to practice a few times to get the hang of it.My little girl also has slightly fragile/fine hair and curlformers are perfect because they won't damage it like styling irons. Also, if you let the hair dry completely, the curls stay in a lot longer. You can help it along a bit with a hairdryer and finish with a little hairspray.Good advice on YouTube - Bargain Princess!

  4. I use them for my daughters on dry hair & apply a little bit of mousse or leave in conditioner. Just leave them in for a couple hours & you're good to go

    I've also lef tthem in over-night..just twist the root & make sure the curlformer isn't too close to the scalp. My girls are 4